human tea

I'm Rab Townsend.
a Canadian composer, writer, photographer,
and occasional bathrobe-clad superhero.

I can’t be the only one who hangs around in photographer circles and imagines that all this talk of “shooting” could easily be about guns and not cameras.

Here is a thing I made a while ago, and has been sitting on my desktop for all that time.

It’s an improvised piano solo over top of a vamp I may use for a real song some time in the future.


Just gonna put all of these in the one spot, for convenience’s sake.

Me by Me.

Reblogging, because I still really like this set of images.

I’m on this weird kick of trying to extend long format photos into squares using Photoshop’s content aware fill tool. This means a lot of weird images of people without any hands, and wrists that just explode into empty space…